MYZONE® - exceed your limits

with an accuracy of 99.4%
(the highest among the solutions available on the market)

See how MYZONE® can improve your workout!

Available only at Jatomi Fitness, in 3 clubs:

  • Jatomi Fitness Warszawa Promenada
  • Jatomi Fitness Warszawa Zodiak 24/7
  • Jatomi Fitness Warszawa Złote Tarasy

Here you will learn more about MYZONE® and benefits of training with this innovative system.
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  • What is MYZONE®?

    The MYZONE® MZ-3 is the most relevant and versatile fitness tracker on the market. Using Bluetooth, ANT+ and Analog technology to provide real-time feedback on heart rate, calories, and effort, the MZ-3 ensures that you get accurate feedback on all of your exercise, wherever and however you choose to train.
    The MZ-3’s in built memory means you can make every session count, even when you’re training away from your gym and smartphone.
    Achieve your health and fitness goals, with motivational support from friends through our MYZONE® social network, and utilize our unique MYZONE® Effort Points (MEPs) system to earn the credit you deserve and REWARD your EFFORT.
  • MYZONE® Benefits

    • See your Calories, Heart Rate, and Effort in real-time with easy-to-follow colors
    • Automatic Email Feedback on all of your Exercise Motivates you to Stay on Track
    • View your Training Efforts via a personalized Free App and Online Account
    • Measuring Effort Levels the Playing field and enables Competition against yourself or friends
    • Monitor your food intake through the Free App
    • Stay Accountable to your Health Targets with our simple goal setting
    • Connect with friends and motivate progress through a personalized social feed
    • Participate in challenges with friends and other users all over the world
    • Earn rewards through status rankings linked to attaining World Health Guidelines
    • Gain exclusive access to Zone Match classes
    • Benefit from Accurate calorie burn feedback during all of your Exercise Routines


  • Maximize your training with MYZONE® - only available in Jatomi Fitness

    • Monitor your heart rate with an accuracy of 99.4%
    • Workout data is stored up to 16 hours of training
    • Synchronize with your smartphone via Bluetooth 4.0
    • Follow your effort in the club during training on the monitors available in the gym in selected zones
  • A few simple steps to get started with MYZONE®

    • download MyZone app
    • register your device Z-3
    • fit on in training MZ-3
    • connect with Bluetooth
    • follow your training at the club

  • What is MYZONE® MEPs?

    • MEPs points are assessed on the basis of your effort
    • All data is taken into account from application MyZone
    • MEPs earn through the execution of a selected heart rate zone training at a specific time
    • The more effort you put into your workouts, the more points you gain
    • Collected points can check on the individual tiles (tile), the number of points that is located in the lower right corner

    Your status MYZONE® depends on the regularity of your training in a given month. If you get 1300 MEPs in one month, you will achieve the minimum required by the World Health Organization – will be passed to the next level MYZONE®.
    For reaching the minimum to earn the following badges:

    • 1 month in a row earns you Iron
    • 3 months in a row earns you Bronze
    • 6 months in a row earns you Silver
    • 12 months in a row earns you Gold
    • 24 months in a row earns you Platinum
    • 36 months in a row earns you Diamond
    • 48 months in a row earns you Hall of Fame

  • Register your MYZONE® belt

    • visit or open the application MYZONE® on the phone (available on iOS and Android)
    • enter “register your belt”
    • enter the unique code of your club Jatomi Fitness (Promenada: JFPL002, Złote Tarasy: JFPL004, Zodiak: JFPL003)
    • enter the code for your belt MYZONE®, which is located on the back of your device
    • enter the sex, height, weight, date of birth
    • when finished, click “submit” and then log in with your email account (email sent to boot)
  • Session synchronization

    In 3 Jatomi Fitness clubs you will find a special screen where you can watch the intensity of your workout.
    It is sufficient that:
    • stand 3 meters from the screen MYZONE®
    • to synchronize your session you have superimposed strip MYZONE®
    • as soon as your NICKNAME and date appears on the screen, synchronization is completed
    • you can start your training with MYZONE® – good luck!
  • Polish T&C of MYZONE®

    Want to know more? Fitness trainers Jatomi waiting for you in the clubs.
    MYZONE® system will test session in the FirstStep clubs. You can also find us HERE.

    Check that you can do more than you think and exceed your limits with Jatomi Fitness and MYZONE®.

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