CEO – he joined Jatomi Fitness in April 2016. He has 17 years of experience in fitness-related positions in Europe and Asia. He worked as a sales manager for the Holmes Place chain, was a VP at Celebrity Fitness in Asia, and more.

“It is extremely inspiring to be a part of the fitness market. Jatomi is bound to become an international fitness expert and trendsetter, so I am happy to have the opportunity to support the company in delivering top-quality fitness services on the way forward”, says Trevor Brennan.

Trevor Brennan has been in the new role since April this year. He manages all markets where the company has presence: Poland, the Czech Republic, Malaysia, Indonesia and Thailand. With his long-standing experience in the fitness industry and management expertise, Jatomi Fitness is going to develop in a new and innovative direction.

“Jatomi Fitness is a great employer, as it welcomes exceptional people and offers unique opportunities. Owing to its young, dynamic and challenging work environment, Jatomi Fitness is the place to be for individualists who live the values of a healthy and active lifestyle” – T. Brennan